"Like the wind blow and the river flow, that's the way to reach to the realm of reality."
"Life will find the way, if not, the way will find you."
Psycho - Hypnosis

Hypnosis comes from a word hypno which means "sleep", but the word sleep here means a different condition, because a person can still hear voices clearly, be 'aware' of his/her environment, and in a condition where he/she remains concious, in normal situation it's called as an "aware focus condition".


Graphology is a science that teaches and examines the shapes of hands marks or handwriting of a person, then interprets it with the criteria that is found inside a person's personality.



Corporate Program

This analysis encouraged us to introduce the consultancy program in a customized way for solving the core problem in the human resources area. The uniqueness of the program is the approach which is essentially a 'no restrictions form' of consulting, because every analysis and development will be dependent on the Preliminary Need Analysis to capture the main problem of the corporation.

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