"Build confidence and force it beyond the limit, catch the goal that never limited."
"Signature will reflect your cover of behavior and the mechanism of your mind."
Psycho - Hypnosis

Hypnosis comes from a word hypno which means "sleep", but the word sleep here means a different condition, because a person can still hear voices clearly, be 'aware' of his/her environment, and in a condition where he/she remains concious, in normal situation it's called as an "aware focus condition".


Graphology is a science that teaches and examines the shapes of hands marks or handwriting of a person, then interprets it with the criteria that is found inside a person's personality.



Corporate Program

This analysis encouraged us to introduce the consultancy program in a customized way for solving the core problem in the human resources area. The uniqueness of the program is the approach which is essentially a 'no restrictions form' of consulting, because every analysis and development will be dependent on the Preliminary Need Analysis to capture the main problem of the corporation.

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